Name the UNI-Dome in 1975

The Dome is ready to become a reality. This photo is from Nov. 4, 1975. This is a picture of the UNI-Dome deflated taken on the northwest corner.

NI Archives

This article from Oct. 17, 1975, details the UNI-Dome being finished. 

Students of UNI: 

If we act fast the students of UNI have an opportunity to name the new Dome – not just have one (if that) member on the selection committee – but to actually take the initiative and NAME THE DOME! It won’t be easy and time is very important, but here’s my plan (courtesy of Donald Kaul’s October 12th article). If the students decide on a name and the NORTHERN IOWAN uses that name in all announcements concerning the Dome, and all student organizations (Homecoming Committee, Controversial Speakers Committee, erc) use it and it is referred to by that name by all nine thousand plus students here – who’s to say that the name isn’t “Official?” 

Nominations should come from the student community – we did give half the money for the thing – and the NORTHERN IOWAN Letters to the Editor page can be the nominating facility. If the NORTHERN IOWAN is as concerned with the wants of the students as it professes I’m sure it will be happy to provide this service. The Student Senate can supervise the election (a full scale mark-off-the-registration-cards type) as O.J. King would probably love to let the students have first say in this matter rather than screaming about not being consulted about the Central Administration and Athletic Department auction off the name to the largest contributor. 

This is our chance – let’s not blow it. If the students at UNI are going to have any reasonable voice in the name selection we must work now. And work fast. This worked at Iowa University and the Kinnick Stadium name come about mainly due to the continued use of the name by the student newspaper – it can happen here. Write your nominations today and send them to the editor of the NORTHERN IOWAN – it costs nothing through the campus mail. Write on!