Kingston sold out wasn’t as beautiful

NI STAFF, NI Editors

Sean Kingston came to Cedar Falls, Iowa to a sold out show in the Gallagher Bluedorn (GBPAC) on Nov. 18, 2021. GBPAC holds around 1,680 seats, but on the day of the show when the doors opened, students ran into the theater nearly causing a stampede. From what was observed, many of the students’ tickets weren’t scanned due to students running in. The show lasted an hour, without counting the delay of the show.

When the show started, the DJ played Drake’s recent album “Certified Lover Boy” to introduce Kingston, including a variety of songs that weren’t originally produced by Kingston. The beginning of the show met high expectations. After the first 20 minutes, Kingston encouraged the audience to sing one of his songs “Beautiful Girls” from start to finish without playing the actual song.

The shaky start of the concert had many attendees concerned, but the concert continued as planned. Despite his songs being 10 years old or older, the concert was engaging for the audience. Kingston brought nostalgic memories to those who grew up listening to him on the radio or with friends.

At the conclusion of the concert, Kingston announced that there would be a meet and greet with attendees. Due to unknown reasons, the meet and greet was cancelled at the last minute.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) organized the show with Kingston. CAB’s next event is a Cozy Craftnight, which will be held on December 8.