UNI holds 10th annual career fair in the UNI-Dome


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Students, faculty and alumni spent Tuesday afternoon talking with corporate representatives at the 10th annual Career Fair.

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Editors Note: This story was originally published on Sept. 28, 1990. In 1990 more than 150 organizations were at the UNI-Dome. Today it’s held in the McLeod Center which was built in 2004.

Companies from A to Y were on hand Tuesday as the Office of Placement and Career Services and the UNI-Dome played host to the 10th annual UNI Career Fair.

An estimated 1,200 students, faculty, and alumni were present to meet with business and education leaders from Iowa and other states and learn more about the career outlooks in their potential fields. In all, more than 150 groups had representatives at the fair.

Companies representing a wide variety of fields and occupational opportunities were in attendance, including those in accounting, insurance, agriculture, human services, food, computer sciences, communications and a variety of business oriented areas.

Many of the representatives look forward to coming to the Career Fair each yar, as many cited outstanding qualities found among UNI students.

John Kester, representing the computer science needs of St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids, said that St. Lukes has been in attendance for a number of years.

“We enjoy coming because if gives us an opportunity to meet some outstanding students,” said Kester. “We also want to give these students a chance to compete in the race to find employment. We have positions to fill and we hope to find some of those people here today.”

Kester, himself a graduate of UNI, said the Career Fair helped him in many respects as a student.

“The Job Fair gave me the opportunity to learn a little about what to expect when I graduated. It gives students an excellent opportunity to talk with professionals in their fields and to gain valuable experience that they need,” Kester said.