Speedo man stirs up school spirit


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Speedo Man, a UNI tradition, made an appearance at the basketball game against Loyola.

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Editors Note: In the light of the panther victory against Loyola, one fan in particular displayed his panther pride through a tight red speedo and swim cap. But this isn’t the first speedo man UNI has encountered read on to learn more.

Fans attending the University of Northern Iowa basketball game against Old Dominion Feb. 19 caught an eyeful: a man covered in white paint and wearing nothing but a Speedo, a purple tutu and a cape. 

Now known as “Speedo Man,” this enthusiasitc fan has dedicated his appearance to helping the UNI Men’s Basketball Team go all the way to the top. In an exclusive interview, the Northern Iowan caught up with the Speedo Man: 

NI: Who are you Speedo Man?

“I’m an avid Panther fan and a member of the UNI Pep Crew. My job is to rally the crows and get everyone pumped up for the game. Also, to help the Panthers to victory.”

NI: How do you help the Panther cause?

“When our opponents go up to shoot free throws, all fans in the student section sit down. That’s when I come in; I stand up and start flailing my arms around, dancing like a fool and shouting – anything to distract the shooter enough to make him miss his shot.”

NI: Just how effective has Speedo Man been in distracting the other team?

“When I’m doing my thing, the other team has only made five out of six free throws.” 

NI: Why do you do it then? Dress up and all. 

“The Pep Crew and myself wanted to give fans something a little different, something unique, something funny.”

NI: What do you do in your free time? 

“I like going to dance parties and listening to the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, sometimes even a little old school Britny Spears. They all bring me back to my middle school days.”