UNI Interpreter’s Theatre celebrate Women’s History month


Tuesday, March 1 marked the beginning of Women’s History Month. This year, the UNI Interpreter’s Theater is celebrating by featuring a slate of shows that are directed by women. This March, they will be presenting “Objectified” and “Lord Byron’s Book Club,” both written and directed by Emma Kossayian, as well as “[Title of Show],” directed by Lindy Rublaitus. 

Emma Kossayian is a senior Communication-Theater Teaching and English Teaching double major. She not only wrote but is directing both “Objectified” and “Lord Byron’s Book Club”. Kossayian explained what these shows mean to her, “The opening show, “Objectified” is a sexual assault survivor story. It tells the story of someone whose life is changed by a traumatic event. I wrote it to echo both the past by using these Greek God figures, but also feel very familiar with the movement of today.” She also discussed her thought process in writing “Lord Byron’s Book Club.”

“Lord Byron’s Book Club is a love letter to my English Teaching major. I was in a Survey Two class during my Junior year where we were reading all of these fascinating Romantic Era poets.” 

Lindy Rublaitus is a third year Communication-Theater Teaching major with a minor in English Education. Rublaitus is directing ‘[Title of Show]’. According to Rublaitus, “[Title of Show]” in its simplest form is about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. A band of old friends go through the highs and lows of creating a musical from scratch for an upcoming festival which turns into much more.” “[Title of Show]” is a one-act musical that’s boisterous and fun. 

The UNI Interpreter’s Theater is showcasing Rublaitus and Kossayain to celebrate Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month began with Women’s History Week in 1980, established by Jimmy Carter. Women’s History Month is used to celebrate women’s accomplishments and contributions to history. Rublaitus noted the importance of Women’s History Month through the UNI Interpreter’s Theater and the shows themselves.

“As a female director, I feel like this is a great show for Women’s History Month because it is about the creation of art, the ability to build your own ideas and share it with everyone regardless of your gender identification, your income, your background, your status, your beliefs.” Kossayain explained the importance of sharing stories from female perspectives, especially when it comes to difficult topics. “Medusa has recently become a symbol to empower women with their own journeys after an assault, and I am so proud to not only tell her story but also play her myself.” 

Rublaitus and Kossayain’s shows, “Objectified”, “Lord Byron’s Book Club” and “[Title of Show]” will perform on March 3, 4 and 5, all at 7:30 p.m., in Lang Hall 040. Admission is free but limited, and tickets can be reserved on Eventbrite.