Places to study on campus



Make sure to look out for the purple and yellow chairs all across campus!


From Maucker Union, Rod Library, and the many different educational buildings on campus, the University of Northern Iowa has several different places for students to study. UNI students share their favorite places to study on campus below.

The Basement of Rod Library

Jenna Louch, junior Biology and Chemistry double major:

“The basement of Rod Library is such a relaxing place to study, there’s not many people around so it’s a quiet space but at the same time you are allowed to talk as if you were on the first floor, so you don’t have to worry about being too loud. It’s a nice secluded place if you like to have minimal people around as you get your work done.”

Redeker Center

Samantha Hilbert, sophomore Public Relations major:

“I enjoy studying in the Redeker Center underneath Piazza. There are a lot of seating options including tall tables, larger tables for group work, and comfortable couches and chairs. It is a really convenient spot when it is cold outside and I do not want to walk to the Union or the library. The noise level is never too high, but it is loud enough to feel comfortable working in groups. Having a computer lab nearby is very helpful when I have items I need to print. Lastly, Biscotti’s is also close by for a quick study snack or coffee to pick me up when needed!”

Maucker Union

Hayden Burke, sophomore Communications-Public Relations major:

“I love to study in the Union, personally. It’s not too quiet and not too noisy, and I can be surrounded by people but still have my own space. Besides that, there’s a bunch of different seating options, so depending on what work I need to get done, I can grab a table or one of the comfier chairs. There’s also little shops like Essentials and Chats, so if I want to grab a snack or a coffee while I work on something I can.”

The Tree Room in Rod Library

Cassie Williams, sophomore Elementary Education major:

“My favorite spot to study on campus is the tree room in the youth section of the library! One wall is made up of windows, so the lighting is really refreshing. There’s a big fake tree in the corner of the room with branches and leaves that stretch along the top of the room. There are cute rocking chairs to sit in, too! I’m an elementary education major, so I usually need to check out books from the youth section, so it’s nice to do homework in an atmosphere that feels appropriate to the context of my homework. In general, it’s very relaxing, chill vibes.”

Beyond what some students shared with us, there are a few more hidden gems around campus that are worth mentioning.

Sabin Hall

Sabin Hall has some of the best lighting on campus. With plenty of seating on the upper floors, Sabin Hall is a great place to get work done. It’s normally a pretty quiet building, and the comfy chairs on the second floor are amazing. If you have a class in Sabin, going in a little before and reading in one of their chairs is very relaxing. It’s a great place to grab a snack from their vending machine, knock some homework out, or get some reading done.

Piazza Dining Center

The Piazza Dining Center is pretty underrated when it comes to places to study. Once you find a spot you like, the Piazza has a nice atmosphere where you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and work at the same time. Some sort of headphones are recommended for when there are larger crowds, but normally there are a few quiet pockets sprinkled throughout the dining center. Having access to a variety of different foods and drinks while you work is definitely an added plus.

The Adirondak Chairs

Sprinkled throughout campus, the adirondak chairs give UNI a very cozy atmosphere. On nice, sunny days, the adirondak chairs are the perfect way to get some reading done and soak of the sun. You can find them in front of the Curris Business Building, in front of the ITTC, in the center of the Kameric Arts Building, and throughout the rest of campus. The adirondak chairs are a great outlet for relaxation while also being able to work. Not to mention, having access to UNI’s outdoors outlets definitely makes working on a computer outdoors a lot less stressful.