UNI Carillonneurs to perform during campaniling


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During campaniling, students gather around and kiss someone at midnight as the bells ring. The tradition began in the 1920s, shortly after the campanile was installed.

MEG GROVE, Staff Writer

Homecoming is right around the corner here at UNI and there are many events happening this week to get the school spirit going. One of the biggest events will be a campanilling carillon concert on Friday, Oct. 7 at 11:45 pm. 

Homecoming is back. And so are the 70s. The Student Guild of Carillonneurs will be performing a short set featuring fan favorite oldies on Friday night. Concert goers will also hear the Westminster Chime at midnight.

Campanilling is a long standing tradition on campus and the Student Guild of Carillonneurs is excited to carry it on this year. “Campanilling has been going on since my mom was in school here,” said Emily Clouser, UNI Carillonneurs President. “It’s also something a lot of alumni come back and talk about.” 

Almost anyone would agree that campanilling is the best tradition at UNI. “It’s just a great environment to be out there on the plaza with everyone and the bells go off,” said Clouser. “It’s a magical moment.” Campanilling is the perfect time to connect with other students and have some fun after the first months of classes.

UNI Carillonneurs performs at a bunch of events throughout the year. “Basically anything that happens with the Bell Foundry we’re going to be playing at,” said Clouser. Carillonneurs have been performing at the UNI Campanile since it was built in 1928. You can support a big part of UNI culture and history this year by attending these events.

The group has been performing every Friday in the month leading up to homecoming. This past Friday, they played a UNI tribute set, including the victory march, school song and more. Hopefully this Friday will be their biggest concert of the month.

There are a slew of events happening this week to get the school spirit amped up in the UNI community. Make sure to add campanilling to your schedule on Friday night.