Traditions keeper ceremony



The Amazing Race is a part of the Traditions Challenge. Students, faculty and staff run across campus, solving different challenges.

TREVOR MEYERS, Photographer

UNI  has its newest additions to the list of Traditions Keepers. As of Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, the December graduates that completed the UNI Traditions Challenge during their time as UNI students finally became Traditions Keepers. 

The Traditions Challenge is a way to help make memories and create relationships with other panthers that may last a lifetime. It is also there for students to make the most of their time at UNI and give people the opportunity to participate and reflect on activities they were involved in. To participate in the Traditions Challenge, all students must do is take photos of the listed activities. Examples include eating at the dining center, watching a sports event, attending a musical or theater performance and so much more.

Besides many priceless memories of the college experience, students get something if they complete the challenge. If students complete 25 traditions, they will receive a lapel pin; if 45 traditions are completed, they get to receive a medallion that they can wear at graduation. Students are also invited to the Traditions Keeper Ceremony, where students are celebrated for keeping the panther spirit alive here at the University of Northern Iowa. Many people enjoy participating in the traditions challenge, such as Grace Juhl, a senior here at UNI who will be graduating this coming May. “I think it’s a great opportunity for students to get exposed to all the fun things that UNI has to offer and a great way to get involved with things on campus,” Juhl stated. When it comes to her favorite tradition that she has done so far, she said she would attend the activities during homecoming week.

There is a simple and easy way to do that when it comes to documenting and keeping track of students’ traditions. First, students download the traditions challenge list, a copy of the traditions challenge presentation, and students put photos on the appropriate slides. Students can even come up with 10 of their traditions that they can submit.

It’s always okay to start students’ Traditions Challenges as students can make friendships and memories from doing the Traditions Challenge. If students have more questions about the traditions challenge and what to do to complete it, they can visit for all students’ traditions challenge needs.