Iceland study abroad experience



Amongst a variety of opportunities that UNI offers, study abroad is one that could help students widen their perspective of the world.


In early January, a small group of UNI students spent a short, faculty-led trip in Iceland. A seminar was held on Monday, Feb. 13, 2023 in Latham Hall as an opportunity for those students and faculty to share their experiences and information about their trip for any students who might be interested in studying abroad.

This specific class qualifies as a UNIFI Responsibilities Course and focuses on viewing environmental sustainability questions through a historical lens. “The course explores questions like, are we living in a manner our descendents and future citizens will remember us fondly? How can we live our lives to the fullest while making sure we are not degrading our environmental and socioeconomic structures?” says Chad Heinzal, associate professor at UNI. 

Through this course, students had the opportunity to travel to Iceland and experience major scenery, interactive museums, the Blue Lagoon, local street art, exquisite cuisines, the northern lights and more. This course will be offered again during winter break of 2023-24, as well as in the summer of 2024 to provide UNI students opportunities for new experiences.  Students who are interested in Heinzal’s program can get in contact with him through his email at [email protected], or in-person in Latham Hall 116 or Seerley Hall 12. Charity Eckhardt, the faculty-led study abroad advisor for Heinzal’s program, is also available for inquiries about his program.  

Along with Heinzal’s program, there are many opportunities to study abroad. “The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and different for each person,” Heinzal says. Studying abroad enables students to learn about the culture, heritage and history of others around the world. Students may meet new friends, discover new favorite foods or learn alternative ways to live their lives to the fullest. For courses like Heinzal’s that fall under UNIFI courses, students can also earn credits towards their degree. When moving on from college, students may also find that their experiences abroad have set them apart from other job applicants as they have different experiences, perspectives and skills. 

Students studying new languages can have the opportunity to increase their skills in natural settings by studying in areas where that language is native. “We have also found that students who study abroad often gain a greater understanding or appreciation of their families, friends and local environments and home.” Heinzal said. 

There are many ways to get started with your study abroad experience. “The study abroad office and aculty work to make sure UNI student experiences are exciting, meaningful and cost effective,” suggests Heinzal. Multiple opportunities are made available to UNI students with short-term programs offered during winter and summer breaks, and longer trips are made available to study abroad at a university for a semester. There are also opportunities to learn more about studying abroad at study abroad fairs hosted at UNI. 

Students who are looking for more information have a large number of ways to figure out what study abroad options are available and best for them. The study abroad website,, is available to showcase current opportunities. The Study Abroad main office can be contacted through email at [email protected] and is located at 103 East Bartlett Hall. Students can also visit the 

@abroaduni page on Instagram for more information and updates.