Orchesis Dance Company to take the stage at Oster Regent Theatre

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  • Orchesis performs at verious events throughout the year, including at the Men’s Varsity Glee Club Christmas Variety Show and at thier fall showcase, pictured above. The annual gala is a culmination of their work all year.

  • The Orchesis show is open to the public. General admission is $10, and $5 for children under 12 and seniors under 65. UNI Students get in free!

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ERIN MCRAE, Staff Writer

The Orchesis Dance Company will be holding their annual gala at the Oster Regent Theatre on April 14 at 7 p.m. and April 15 at 2 p.m. 

Orchesis was established in 1926, which makes it UNI’s oldest student organization. As a pre-professional dance organization, the group holds auditions every year and rehearses multiple times a week. Every year they perform a Gala that is a culmination of their work from the entire year. The group performs in a range of styles from jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop and more.  Megan McGuire is the Orchesis Dance Company Head of Public Relations, as well as a dancer in the organization. “I help to create and post social media content as well as collaborate with my committee members to advertise our events, table at Maucker Union and keep our followers up to date on what we are doing in rehearsals,” McGuire said.

“Attendees of the Orchesis Gala can expect to see pieces from guest artists, alumni, and students as well. They will see lighting, movement, placement of dancers all made by our artists. It is extremely inspiring as an Orchesis Dancer to see the hard work our members put into creating art for an audience,” McGuire said. 

In preparation, dancers have been in rehearsals and choreographing throughout the year. While grueling, McGuire said rehearsals emphasize the sense of community that Orchesis is built on. “Dancers have been preparing for this event through technique classes on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as outside rehearsals for our Full Pieces and Interlude pieces. Rehearsals have to be well paced in order to complete our pieces in time for the Gala. Our rehearsals are very fun and we all enjoy our time collaborating to make these pieces the best that they can be,” McGuire said. “Orchesis’ rehearsal space did get downsized a little this year so we could share space with other events occurring in the WRC, so we have adapted to the smaller space and had to find the best ways to deal with this.”

Despite encountering obstacles on their road to performing, McGuire said that the student organization is at it’s essence, a collaborative effort between artists. “My favorite part about being in Orchesis is all of the friends I have made each semester,” McGuire said. “I enjoy collaborating with all members and getting closer to each member as rehearsals go on. I have enjoyed our Galas so much in my short time in Orchesis, and they are always so rewarding. All of the hard work, rehearsals, and creativity just feels so worth it when the Gala gets here.”

Tickets can be purchased at the door. It is $10 for general admission, $5 for kids under 12 and seniors 65 and older. Tickets are free for UNI students with student ID.