Uprising Magazine releases Issue 15



Uprising Magazine is a great way for students to be creative on campus, enhance their skills and get involved.

Peyton Guthrie

Uprising Magazine will be releasing Issue 15 on April 17, 2023. This magazine features an abundance of topics from fashion, arts, culture and much more.

“Uprising is a fully student-run publication of the University of Northern Iowa,” says Mia Rampton, Co-Editor in Chief of Uprising Magazine. Everything from their several committees to their models are from the University of Northern Iowa, working to put together a magazine overflowing with various topics of interest. “We’ll sometimes outsource photography, but for the most part, the models and creators are students.” says Rampton of their Uprising team. Before the semester even starts, Mia Rampton and Ireland Frisch, both co-editor in chiefs of Uprising Magazine, work to finalize a color palette, theme, and the magazine’s message before pitching it to their team.

“We have many different committees within [Uprising Magazine]. There’s the editorial committee, the graphic design committee, the publications committee, the marketing committee and the finance committee,” says Rampton. Specializing in their respective areas, each of these committees work together to put together a professional magazine that uses discussion-inspiring storytelling and engaging follow-ups to reach its readers. 

When planning for release, they have to be thinking several months in advance, so predicting what will still be relevant is just one challenging aspect of putting together the magazine. “We look at the news, at fashion magazines and where the industry is going,” says Rampton. 

Other than providing a source of inspiration and enacting social justice through appealing to causes on campus for its readers, Uprising Magazine also provides a way for students to express themselves and their various stories. “It’s a really nice creative outlet for University of Northern Iowa students,” says Rampton. “Our writers aren’t assigned a topic to write about, it’s more like ‘Whatever you want to write about, we’ll help you polish it up so that it is magazine-ready.’” 

Students working on the magazine are awarded a lot of creative freedom when it comes to sharing their stories and putting together the magazine. Rampton has mentioned how proud she is that Uprising continues to move more and more in a creative direction as time goes on. “We want to respect the time you’re giving and make sure you’re having fun,” says Rampton.

Rampton invites students to join the team to share their creative passions. “I feel like when you first look at it, you think you need to be a fashion major, but I think it’s really nice that anyone can get involved despite their major,” says Rampton. 

Students who are looking to express themselves and their interests would be a great fit on the Uprising team, as its members are granted a lot of freedom to really focus on topics that they find relevant and interesting with the assistance of their team. “It’s a great reflection of the University of Northern Iowa,” says Rampton of the Uprising Magazine team. 

Uprising Magazine publishes once a semester. Students who are interested can visit jointheuprising.com to learn more about their mission and to subscribe to their email list to receive Uprising Magazine in their inbox.