Variety of talent at Sidecar


Although there are many different events that happen on campus, students may forget about the events that take place within the Cedar Falls Community.

For some, Sidecar Coffee is a destination for a caffeine pick-me-up, as well as a study spot. Every so often, they host shows to try to  attract more people into the shop and have a little fun along the way. Last year, Sidecar put on six open mic shows. They decided to change things up this past Saturday by hosting a variety show.

“We wanted to mix it up and do something with a different feel that’s more light-hearted and fun,” said Kevin Roberts, Sidecar employee.

However, there was a slight delay due to the lack of people signed up to perform. Sidecar employees reminded the audience that members of the audience could perform literally anything and that there was a $50 cash prize for the winner; people started signing up, and the show was back on schedule.

Sophomore public relations major Bri Devin recited the poem, “Repetition” by Phil Kaye. Devin did not plan to perform, but after being asked to do something, along with the chance for the $50 prize, she went for it.

“I love slam poetry,” she said. “And I’m not the greatest singer, so I went with that.”

Devin is also on the speech team at UNI, so public speaking and improvisation are her forte. Devin felt she performed well, and the crowd responded with clapping.

The show consisted of a large variety of acts, including a recorder, a trumpet and bucket drum band, poetry readings, bad-joke stand up, ukulele jamming and more.

Roberts said that the attendance was great and that these kinds of events always bring in more people than usual.

Sophomore psychology major Dylan Piper was one of those in attendance. Piper frequents Sidecar for studying and has attended two of their open mic nights thus far.

“I would definitely come to Sidecar more often if they had more events like this,” Piper said.

The audience seemed welcoming to any type of performance, often whooping and cheering-on the performers.

Anyone interested in upcoming events at Sidecar can check out their Instagram or Facebook page for more information. One particular event Sidecar is looking forward to is the two-week long Connect Four Tournament coming up in November,  something they have hosted for years now, and anyone is free to join in.