A salty good time

KATIE BAUGHMAN, Campus Life Editor

With staff dressed in 1920s-themed attire, swing-dancing lessons from UNI Ballroom and Swing and the GBPAC lobby decorated to the theme of “The Great Gatsby,” it is clear that The Hot Sardines are bringing the Jazz Age to UNI.

The Hot Sardines are a band out of New York that plays “hot” jazz style music. On Saturday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m., the band will bring their show to the GBPAC Great Hall as a part of the 2015-2016 Artist Series. Since this is part of the GBPAC Artist Series, students can use one of their two free tickets per semester to attend the show.

Co-founder and lead singer, Miz Elizabeth, explains on The Hot Sardines website that their music derives from a Paris, New York and New Orleans influence; they are often described as a melting pot of artists like Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt and many more.

Other Co-founder and bandleader, Evan “Bibbs” Palazzo, further explains the band’s style of music.

“We don’t treat this music with kid gloves, or place it on a pedestal to preserve and adore,” Palazzo said. “We just play it…as if these songs were written this morning, for today’s generation.”

Not all the members set out to create a band from the start. Palazzo and Elizabeth both responded to the same Craigslist ad in 2007 to attend an open jazz jam in Manhattan; this is where the two met for the first time, according to The Hot Sardines website. Both had their own day jobs, however, but they were able to meet a couple times a month to create music together.

Tap dancer, Edwin “Fast Eddy” Francisco, found his way into the band shortly after when he stopped by Palazzo’s house and began to tap dance along with their music. The band began to take its full shape from there.

Elizabeth explained the process in naming the band.

“We knew we wanted the word ‘hot’ in the name to reflect the type of jazz we played, and so we literally just paired different words with hot to find a name that was fun, unusual and memorable,” Elizabeth said.

Blake Argotsinger, Associate Marketing Manager of the GBPAC, said the band’s style of jazz music is unique.

“This is a band that plays hot jazz as if the songs were written today,” Blake said. “The energy they play with sets them apart as it pulls you in and makes you believe this is the music of the day, With that kind of energy, it’s near impossible to stay seated [during the show].”

Before the show, there will be a reception to celebrate the past 15 years of the GBPAC. Those invited are people who have helped the theater grow and become what it is today.

The GBPAC will be holding a number of other events this semester, including the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers on Oct. 24, Home Free on Dec. 11 and A Big Band Christmas on Dec. 19. To find more information about upcoming shows, visit the GBPAC Artist Series website.