Romantic spots on campus

There are benches next to the Campanile, as well as benches near the courtyard in front of it where you can watch the Campanile chime at the top of each hour.

The Kamerick Art Building is another great place that houses some potential for romance. Although the art gallery is not open on weekends, you can typically find the building unlocked and can browse the halls where student work and architecture are on display. The warmth of the building is also a big plus.

Take on the brisk winter air while you cross Hudson Road towards the UNI-Dome on the pedestrian bridge. The bridge is dimly lit throughout the evening, and once you look past the cars driving underneath you, the view of the skyline can be very scenic.

The Book Bistro in Rod Library is a great option for a laid-back date with your sweetheart. Chat over some books, play some of the board games provided in the library or reserve a study room to watch a movie.

For those ambitious V-Day goers, planning a scavenger hunt throughout the library is also a fun twist you can plan to show your significant other you put a little extra thought into the occasion.

And, if all else fails, converting your room into a Valentine’s Day hideaway is always an option. Ditch the forbidden candles if you live on campus and bring out those Christmas lights. Enjoy the day in by watching movies, your favorite television series and enjoying some take out. 

Whether you choose to ride off into the sunset this weekend or spend the holiday on campus exploring, hopefully these ideas will inspire you to make this Valentine’s holiday a day to remember.