May the odds be ever in FSL’s favor

a member from each Greek organization punches a fist with enthusiasm during the talent show. The Greek god and goddess talent show showcased each Greek Life chapter

Sorority and fraternity members at UNI fought a hard battle against the Capital this week during their Hunger Games-themed Greek Week, where Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon took home the crown.  Greek Week has taken place every year for the past at least 20 years.

From April 17 through April 24, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Sigma competed in a variety of activities including: a lip sync battle, the “walk-a-mile” walk, the Greek god and goddess tribute talent show, dizzy bats and a cupcake eating contest and, to bring the week to a close, a service day at a pet cemetery.

Each sorority and fraternity chose a specific “Hunger Games” district to represent and picked up points by either winning an event, placing in the competitions or simply attending the events.

The lip sync battle kicked off the week on Monday, where each sorority and fraternity compiled a list of songs that pertained to either their district or “The Hunger Games” as a whole, where they then performed a choreographed dance.

Teams were judged on the crowd’s reaction to their dance, how creative their dance was, how well their music represented “The Hunger Games” and their lip syncing skills. Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma won the lip sync battle.

On Tuesday, the “walk-a-mile” event took place. At the event, men “walked a mile in the shoes of women” by marching down the sidewalks of UNI with red high heels on. The activity was meant to raise awareness of sexual assault and show fraternity men’s desire to break the stigma regarding sexual assault.

Following the walk, two women from sexual assault resource centers in the Cedar Valley spoke about the background of the event, why it is a great way to spread awareness of the prevention of sexual assault, tips to help others who have been sexually assaulted and how to provide resources to women and men alike.

Game night was also on Tuesday, with Pi Kappa Alpha and Gamma Phi Beta taking home a victory for the evening by showing off their trivia skills in a game of “Jeopardy.”

On Wednesday, the Greek god/goddess talent show took place.

Representatives Shelby Welsch from Alpha Phi, Caitlyn Sheehy from Alpha Xi Delta, Anna Ryder from Alpha Delta Pi, Kat Rinken from Gamma Phi Beta, Cory Anderson from Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jordan Miller from Kappa Sigma and Trenton Bartlett from Pi Kappa Alpha each competed for their “district.”

For example, Anderson represented the masonry of District 2 and entered the stage wearing a Donald Trump Campaign hat saying, “Make district 2 great again,” which caused an uproar of laughter in the crowd.

The event kicked off with a presentation of each “tribute” wearing a costume that represented their district, which was followed by a group and individual dance.

Then, the tributes did a group dance, performed their individual talents and changed into formal wear where each tribute was asked two questions.

Some of the individual performances ranged from a viola performance turned “Soldja Boy” dance, a rendition of the “Vote for Pedro” dance from “Napoleon Dynamite” and a rock performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

Sheehy was crowned Greek goddess, with her Justin Bieber mash-up dance and shared thoughts on body image in her Q&A session.

Miller was crowned Greek God of the tribute show, who performed the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from the movie, “Mean Girls,” and spoke of the impact his chapter has had on his life.

The talent show was Gabe Gravert, senior elementary education major’s favorite event of the week. Gravert is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and co-chair of the Greek week committee this year.

“I love seeing all the different talents our members have,” Gravert said.

On Thursday, the Greek Olympics took place in the intramural fields. Musical chairs, dizzy bats, a cupcake eating contest, painted Twister and tug-of-war were the activities.

On Friday, hypnotist Gabriel Holmes mesmerized the crowd with his humorous and entertaining hypnosis on members of the Fraternity Sorority Life (FSL) community, giving a break to all the competitions.

Caitlyn Sheehy, junior accounting and financial management double major, was one of the many who volunteered to be hypnotized.

“The hypnotist was a great idea for an event for Greek week,” Sheehy said. “It is always a good laugh to watch all the silly stuff people do while hypnotized.”

The service day consisted of beautifying a pet cemetery, picking up trash and planting flowers. If each district’s delegates successfully showed up and completed their service project, they received an automatic 200 points.

At the end of the week when the points were tallied, Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon won overall, with Alpha Pi and Kappa Sigma placing in second.

Because of the hard work everybody put in, Gravert felt that this year’s Greek week was a total success.

“I am really happy with how the week went,” Gravert said. “The Greek week committee worked really hard to make this week happen, and I really appreciate their hard work.”