Beers, bags and brat tacos

Oktoberfest was hosted on College Hill on Sept. 16, bringing people, music and around 10 different craft beer selections together. Along with celebrating German roots, the La Calle pop up included options like brat tacos.


Fall is just around the corner, and the second annual Oktoberfest kicked off the new season with many different types of music, games, beer and food on Sept. 16. People gathered on College Hill for the event, which was organized by the College Hill Partnership.

“The community gets out of it just a fun local event to go to that is central to a big population,” said Kathryn Sogard, College Hill Partnership coordinator.

“We have a lot of awesome, amazing events that go on downtown,” Sogard said. “But for the people, especially college students, who might not want to drive or might not be able to drive because they don’t have a car here, it’s kind of a nice way to bring the neighborhood together as well as people from around Cedar Falls.”

Oktoberfest provided beer from Single Speed Brewing, as well as two other Iowa breweries. There were about 10 craft beer selections from the different breweries. The event also celebrated German heritage with some of the music and the food that was served.

La Calle, a food truck that was brought in to serve food, offered Latin American cuisine. However they put a twist on some of the food they served.

“He is doing a little bit of German infusion tonight so some brat tacos,” Sogard said.

“We had a lot of help from David [from] Singlespeed, he put together our beer selection,” Sogard said. “Getting volunteers, we have a local guy who is DJing and we pulled in one local vendor for food.”

Other things attendees got to enjoy included singing by the Beer Choir and the game Hammerschlagen. The idea of the Hammerschlagen  game is that a player has one continuous swing of a hammer to a nail and the nail has to be flush or below the surface of the wood to win.

“It was very inclusive. They had a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages,” said Jake Van Essen, a UNI senior communication studies major. “They had fun games […], different types of music and a fun family friendly atmosphere.”

“We plan on doing it for the rest of eternity hopefully,” Sogard said.

Other students were also excited for this to be an ongoing event.

“I have attended both this year and last year and I really look forward to it,” said UNI senior Alexi Alt. “I am definitely going to continue to attend, it is such a fun and different thing to do on a Saturday night.”