Career Fair tips for future employment

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Career Fair tips for future employment





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Students looking for future employment opportunities will have a chance to network with a wide variety of employers this upcoming Monday.

On Feb. 19, UNI students can come to the McLeod Center for this semester’s job and internship fair. The event goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and all students are encouraged to attend.

The fair will feature over 150 businesses, along with a few graduate schools and nonprofit organizations. Both large and small businesses will be represented at the fair.

“There’s a reason that 150 organizations are here; it’s to talk to students,” said Sarah Goblirsch, assistant director of employee relations at UNI Career Services.

Among the larger businesses in attendance at the fair are Principle and John Deere. At the same time, smaller, locally-based organizations like Allen College and Camp YMCA will also be at the career fair.

Businesses choose to attend this event so they can interact face to face with students. According to Goblirsch, they want to be able to show students what they have to offer.

Students coming to this event should be dressed in professional business attire, says Goblirsch. While this does not mean that they have to be dressed in a suit, they should at least wear dress pants and a matching dress shirt.

However, according to Goblirsch, it is preferred for seniors who are attending the fair to wear a suit and tie. Goblirsch stressed that students should not feel obligated to go buy a new suit for the event, as long as their attire is appropriate, though.

Students looking to prepare for the upcoming fair should have their resumes reviewed in advance, says Goblirsch. Throughout this week, UNI Career Services will be offering a variety of different walk-up hours in which students will have the opportunity to get their resume reviewed before attending the fair next Monday.

Goblirsch also advised students to review the UNI Career Services website and the list of businesses and organizations that will be attending the event. Doing this will give students the upper hand when it comes to talking points and knowledge about each specific business that they plan to talk to.

Along with all of the businesses and organizations that will be attending the fair, there will also be many different opportunities for internships.

“We always recommend students to do as many internships as they can,” Goblirsch said.

Some organizations will also be participating in an interview event on Feb. 20, the day after the career fair. Students will have the opportunity to have an interview scheduled when meeting with the organizations at the fair, says Goblirsch.

Many students may be thinking that the career fair is only meant for juniors and seniors who know what they want to do and are ready to find a job. However, Goblirsch always recommends that freshman and sophomores also attend the fair just to see what is out there.

“Regardless of what year you are in school, there is always something to learn,” Goblirsch said.

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