Panther Portrait: Wall of Comic Art — Rod Library

LEZIGA BARIKOR, Campus Life Editor | [email protected]

Starting on Sunday, March 25, Rod Library began a display of comic artwork by Cedar Valley artists.

The exhibit will run until Monday, April 30. It coincided with the fifth annual RodCon, which was held last week on Saturday, April 7.

RodCon is a mini comic book convention that celebrates graphic novels, pop culture and “nerdom.”

Pictured top left is “Onyx Malaise,” a print on photo paper by artist Alissa Rindels.

Pictured top right are two drawings by Rachel “Ray” Smith. The left most drawing is “Before Amethyst” and the right most is “After Rose.”

The bottom left artwork is by T.J. Warren and is titled “Vader.”  The placard quote says, “Through dark, the force is strong with this one.”

The final bottom right drawing is by Tulani Gillum. The pen and water drawing is titled “Thalassa.”