Students ‘A GO GO’ to Vertigo

SOFIA LEGASPI, Campus Life Editor

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Hundreds of students and community members gathered in the UNI Gallery of Art on Thursday night, Nov. 29 for the art department’s biannual performance art showcase, “Vertigo: A GO GO!”

Dozens of students performed nonstop for two hours before the packed gallery of spectators. Most performers remained in a fixed spot in the gallery. One performer stood nude, allowing people to wrap her in duct tape before ripping it off. Another sat on a mattress scooping out the contents of different citrus fruits with her hands.

Two students wearing reflective vests walked around, confronting observers with humorous insults. Another student rolled around on the floor wrapped in ribbon.

A few of the acts invited audience participation. One student invited people to chew bubble gum and spit it into one big bowl. In one corner of the gallery, walls were lined with pieces of paper that said “no such thing as perfection.” Viewers could choose from a variety of positive messages like “You did it!” and “Nice work!” to stamp on the pages.

Some of the acts danced or moved in conjunction with music that pulsed throughout the gallery. This year marked Vertigo’s first collaboration with sound masters “Feel Free Hi Fi” Sound System, Derek Maxwell and Shawn Reed from the Twin Cities, according to the event’s Facebook page.