Students de-stress before finals week



Dead week: A time when every college student needs something to take their mind off the mountain of work that has piled up throughout the semester.

“De-Stress Days” provided UNI students with activities to help them relax. The event, put on by Student Wellness Services and the Student Health Advisory Committee, was held on Dec. 3 to 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Maucker Union ballrooms.

“Since final exams are next week, students need an outlet for their stress and anxiety,” said Beth Chaney, a graduate assistant with Student Wellness Services. “By providing all of these relaxing activities, we can help alleviate some of the stress and make sure our students are healthy and happy as they finish up this semester.”

Activities in those three days included coloring, puzzles, hot drinks, massages and playing with therapy puppies.

Another activity was practicing gratitude via writing thank-you notes to those who have supported them.

“By doing these activities, I was able to forget about my finals and homework for a little bit, and that was all I really needed,” said Connor Latteyer, a senior history major.

The labyrinth was another activity students could use to relax. Placed in a room with dimmed lights, the labyrinth was a large mat on the floor with a winding path leading participants to the center. This form of meditation works to clear the minds of those who walk through it.

“I originally went to see the puppies,” said Austin Boies, a junior psychology major. “But I ended up leaving feeling incredibly relaxed because of that and all of the other activities that were provided to us.”

Those interested in scheduling any other program related to wellness topics can contact Student Wellness Services at