Relax at Rod with Student Wellness Services

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  • Students can participate in de-stress activities on “Wellness Wednesday” and “Take-Time Thursday” every week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the library.

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Between classes, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities, many students may struggle to find time to relax. With such hectic schedules, it may seem impossible to take time out of one’s day for self-care. That’s why the Student Wellness Services has created free events for just this purpose. “Wellness Wednesday” and “Take Time Thursday” occur every week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Makerspace in Rod Library.

“They’re events where students can come in from all over campus, and we have activities like coloring, bracelet-making, essential oils and gratitude cards,” said Brianna De Moss, a graduate assistant with Student Wellness Services. “It’s just a space where students can come and de-stress from their day, and we always offer an activity on Wednesdays based on the dimensions of wellness. Thursdays generally have to do with coping with stress, unwinding and making sure that your social and emotional wellness is in check.”

Student Wellness Services focuses on eight dimensions of well-being. These include physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, occupational and social health.  Each activity on Wednesdays is based on one of these aspects and they can either be more passive activities or ones where facilitators lead students. These can vary from nutritional advice to information on sexual health and contraceptive methods, as well as crafts like glitter jars and stress balls. Even students who don’t wish to participate in these activities can use the time for a lunch break, homework or meeting other students from different majors.

“We have staple activities, but my favorite things are the de-stress activities that are consistent every time,” De Moss said. “Two days a week, you can stop by and take a break from everything that’s going on. I really appreciate how we have things that are here consistently.”

Wellness Ambassador Alexandria Diehl, a freshman majoring in pre-law political science, also mentioned how Student Wellness Services allows professors to request programs, along with events at Rod Library, Walk the Labyrinth and other activities that are regularly scheduled. They attempt to keep a balance between helping students individually and hosting campus-wide events.

“I hope that students walk out of here feeling supported and feeling de-stressed. I hope that they’re able to take away at least one learning piece from what we’ve done on that day,” De Moss said.

“The students should know that campus cares for them,” Diehl said. “We want students to get in touch with Student Wellness Services and all of the amazing things we offer.  Even if you only have five to 10 minutes, you can use that time to color a page, find a place to relax or do what you need to relax. Whatever works for you to de-stress, like coloring or homework, that’s what we hope to provide.”