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Companions “Power of the Dog” reinvents the western genre

HUNTER FRIESEN December 6, 2021

Despite being the master of the gangster genre with such films as “Goodfellas,” “Casino,” and “The Irishman,” director Martin Scorsese cites “The Age of Innocence” as his most violent film....

Film critic Hunter Friesen reflects on what he is thankful for within films.

We are thankful for films

HUNTER FRIESEN December 2, 2021

Thanksgiving is always a time of year where we celebrate gratitude, something that we don’t do enough these days. As a film critic, I share as much of the blame as everybody else. My process usually...

Film Critic Hunter Friesen calls the French Dispatch a visual masterpiece.

‘The French Dispatch,’ Wes Anderson’s masterpiece

HUNTER FRIESEN November 15, 2021

With each subsequent entry into his distinct filmography, Wes Anderson seems to make it a mission to make the most Wes Anderson film. The intricacies of 2001’s “The Royal Tenenbaums” seemed quaint...

Film critic Hunter Friesen says the new Marvel movie Eternals is different in a refreshing way.

‘Eternals’ just another cog in the Marvel machine

HUNTER FRIESEN November 8, 2021

How is it that Chloé Zhao’s previous film “Nomadland,” about a woman wandering the Midwest in a van, is more interesting and full of life than a $200 million blockbuster filled with literal gods? Both...

Film Critic Hunter Friesen says that Last Night in Soho is anything different than a mild disappointment.

Dreams turn to disappointment

HUNTER FRIESEN November 1, 2021

Zippy editing, deadpan comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and a killer soundtrack. These are the characteristics that have come to define the filmography of Edgar Wright. The world first got a glimpse...

As Dune hits theaters this past weekend, there are questions of there being a second Dune soon to start production; Dune is set to break pandemic box office records during opening weekend.

“Dune” is a grand disappointment

HUNTER FRIESEN October 25, 2021

Like humanity’s search for the missing link or the cure for cancer, movie studios have unsuccessfully tried and failed to adapt Frank Herbert’s daunting 1965 science fiction novel, which laid the framework...

Margueite de Carrouges played by Jodie Comer is seen in recent movie The Last Duel.

“The Last Duel”: A modern medieval epic

HUNTER FRIESEN October 18, 2021

At 83-years-old, Ridley Scott is quite the inspiration. With a directorial career that spans nearly 2,500 commercials and countless films – such as “Alien,” the Best Picture-winning “Gladiator”...

El critico de cine Hunter Friesen da por la ultima pelicula de James Bond que hara Craig. Esta es la quinta pelicula de Bond de Craig.

Despedida de Bond

MARIO MENDEZ, Spanish Editor October 11, 2021

Desde su primera aparición cinematográfica en 1962, James Bond ha hecho muchas cosas. Se ha reencarnado cinco veces, ha viajado por todo el mundo (incluido el espacio) y ha salvado el mundo más veces...

Film Critic Hunter Friesen roasts Venom: Let There Be Carnage in a scathing review.

Venom: A Carnage of Quality

HUNTER FRIESEN October 4, 2021

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is an insult. It’s an insult to the pieces of paper that were mutilated to make the script. It’s an insult to the film stock. It’s an insult to the millions of dollars...

Film critic Hunter Friesen says Dear Evan Hansen is misguided but not without its merits.

“Dear Evan Hansen” can not recapture stage magic

HUNTER FRIESEN September 23, 2021

Besides the expected superhero films, the genre that seems to be all the rage in 2021 is musicals. This year sees several different variations of the movie musical, featuring original concepts (“Annette”),...

The Power of the Dog earned the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Fall film festival ushers Oscar season

HUNTER FRIESEN September 16, 2021

The month of September often signifies the start of a new football season. At both the professional and collegiate levels, teams start a grueling months-long campaign in the hopes of winning a national...

The film Malignant is available in theaters and on HBO MAX until Oct. 10.

“Malignant” is a matter over mind

HUNTER FRIESEN September 13, 2021

When talking about the most popular and influential horror films of this century, James Wan’s name pops up on more than one occasion. Spawning the “Saw” franchise in 2004, Wan illustrated his knack...

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