Panther Problems: Best places for dates on campus



Take someone out on the perfect date for Valentine’s Day right here at UNI.

NI STAFF, NI Editors

For Valentine’s Day UNI’s campus offers romantic places and activities for you and your date. Have a romantic and safe Valentine’s Day.

XOXO – The Northern Iowan

Winter wonderland walk

Go to Chats, get a hot drink, and walk around UNI’s beautiful campus together.

Lovebirds in the library

Get some homework done while hanging out with your lovely date.

Bake cookies with your bestie boo

Get some cheap coookie dough, head the dorm lounges and bake some tasty cookies.

Bistro & board games

Get grilled cheese at the Bistro and play some board games with that special someone.

Art gallery

Take an aesthetic art walk in the UNI Art Gallery in Kamerick. 

Stargaze with your significant other 

Sit on top of Maucker or on Lawther Field and gaze at the stars and into each other’s eyes.

Hammock with your hottie

Grab a hammock and set up somewhere on campus (when it’s warm enough), and snuggle up.

Historic hike 

View the historic UNI campus while strolling with your babe. 

Take your snow bunny skiing 

Go to Panther Pond where UNI Outdoors is hosting a cross country ski night from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. for free. Grab your bestie and get some free hot chocolate. 

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