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Withdrawing the waste from our courses


August 28, 2009

As a new student around campus, I've come to appreciate a lot of things about UNI; such as the way the sprinkler in front of my dorm has been watering a single patch of grass that has now turned into a mud pie with grass garnish, the beautiful messages drawn in sidewalk chalk promoting obscure activities an...

Johnny Depp is public enemy number one


July 23, 2009

Michael Mann's gangster epic "Public Enemies" is not a biopic as advertised, but a thriller about two men whose personalities and professions put them on a collision course. Mann has established himself as contemporary cinema's master of the cop/criminal personality conflict, producing minor classics su...

Study Abroad: the Adventure of a Lifetime


July 23, 2009

Having the experience of a lifetime is a magical and wonderful thing for any one person to have. It is something almost every college student wants to have before trudging off to the "real world" of life and finding a job that will hopefully last until they retire later in life. I know this is how I ...

“The Hangover” celebrates bonding


July 9, 2009

You can tell a lot about a person by how they respond to a hangover that blanks out the memory. Do they contemplate those missing frames with humor or dread? I once woke up from a fantastic party with a headache so vicious it felt like pain was physically spilling out of my ears and onto the bed sheets. I ...

The trouble with tanning


July 9, 2009

Summer is a much-needed three-month holiday among college students. It enables us to put money back into our bank accounts (only to watch it vanish as soon as the fall semester begins), relax from the stresses from school and party with hardly any restrictions at all. I am immensely happy to shed ...

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